Photographer: Maximilian Diehl, perfect companion and organizer of this journey.


Born on the 4th of November, 1940 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Graduated from High School in 1960. Studied of mathematics and physics at Frankfurt University.

Married since 1963. Two sons.

Active in many projects, mainly in the field of environmental protection (regenerative energies) and economic cooperation (Senegal).

Growing enthusiasm for black and white photography since her youth, intensive study
since 1996.

In 1999 a darkroom suitable for fine art printing on fiber paper was installed and studies with a medium-format camera (Hasselblad) were initiated, expanded to large format (Linhof) in 2001.

Participation in workshops by Al Weber and David Vestal in the western USA. David Vestal: “Understand b/w and the rest of photography is yours”.

Darkroom cooperation with Martin Blume, Landau for many years.

Since 2004, combined analogue / digital (black & white and color), as well as purely digital (print media).